History GS Staalwerken Groep, since 1966

GS Staalwerken Groep history goes back to the sixties. On May 25, 1966 starting Geert Smulders along with a companion company Smulders-Liebregts. From Gerwen started with the production, delivery and installation of light steel structures for both the private and business market.

Steel construction divisions |1966-2010

In subsequent years, expand the steel construction business rapidly and created the Smulders Group. In 2010, made four industrial steel construction divisions are part of the Smulders Groep:

  • High-quality steel constructions (HC)
  • Industrial steel structures (IC)
  • Machine steel structures (MC)
  • Steel Structures Wind Turbines (WTC)

In April 2010 investment Bencis Capital acquires a majority interest in the Smulders Group. The multinational employs over 1,300 employees in four countries across four divisions.

Increase of the Polish market |1996-2011

In 1996, Mark Smulders visiting the sites in Poland. Led by Mark Smulders Polish organization will be further professionalised and expanded with 4 production sites with around 600 employees.

In January 2011 Mark Smulders leave the Polish branches of the Smulders Group. A year later he starts the new company 'Smulders Polska Sp. zo.o.

In June 2011, Geert Smulders buy the companies under the division 'Industrial constructions' back Bencis Capital. The new company will be named "GS Staalwerken Groep".

As a specialist in large and heavy steel structures is GS Staalwerken Groep from that time in the Netherlands 6 production sites with 400 employees, two production plants in Poland and one production site in Portugal.

On- and offshore Wind | 2013

In 2013 GS Staalwerken Groepp enters the Onshore and offshore wind market and business is being expanded with wind energy projects under the name 'GS Staalwerken Group Energy'.

GS Staalwerken Groep in 2017

In 2017, more than 500 professional employs work in ten offices of GS Steel Works Group. 7 Dutch production plants and 2 Polish manufacturing sites are managed from the head office in Helmond.

GS Steel Working Group is due to the enormous production capacity (more than 70,000 m2 production floor in the Netherlands), rapid delivery and specializations of the individual steel companies to achieve large and heavy steel structures across Europe.

The production capacity of steel construction components is 80 tons with a length of 40 meters.