Steel staircases of excellence quality, built in house

Steel stairs of excellence quality are fully realized in the modern workshop from GS Staalwerken in Gerwen, the specialist in stairs within GS Staalwerken Groep. The reliable and modern stairs in steel or stainless steel are already since the sixties built entirely in-house, from pre-production to assembly:

  • Industrial steel stairs
  • Emergency staircases for indoor and outdoor
  • Stylish interior stairs
  • Walkways

We work among others on behalf of: construction companies, architectural offices and contractors of government- and housing projects.

Steel staircases | from design to installation

Depending on the application and your preferences, we provide you with objective and expert advice on the design, materials and specific (aesthetic) requirements for steel staircases.

Pre-production such as sawing, chopping and cutting, are performed accurately to the millimeter. While performing the main operations as bending, setting, punching, drilling and welding, your stairs quickly gets the desired shape.

Is the stairs ready for deployment? Then, our modern equipped assembly staff for a professional installation of your steel staircase on location.

Contemporary craftsmanship

Steel stairs can be combined with beautiful wooden handrails or glass steps. Do you prefer stairs of wood or stone (with or without anti-slip)? That is also possible! Any desired material will be processed by us to the stairways of excellence quality.

The combination of materials like wood and glass give the stairs a modern and contemporary feel. We even have a special wood workshop where wooden stairs, platforms and handrails are established with the use of contemporary craftsmanship.

Surface treatment steel stairs

All steel staircases are protected against corrosion by shot blasting, primer, powder coating or hot dip galvanization.

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